Restless Waters, Shivering Lights

Horror | 2023 | Spain | 97 mins

Angeles Hernandez

Cast: Hugo Silva (Las brujas de Zugarramurdi; El Cuerpo); Zoe Arnao (El Inocente; Las Niñas); Paula Echevarria (Si Yo Fuera Rico; Velvet); Sergio Castellanos (Tu Hijo; La Peste).


Lidia and her father, Pablo, return to the family lighthouse after her mother’s death. Pablo, aware of Lidia's fragile emotional balance, worries for a possible relapse after her suicide attempt. Lidia, annoyed by her father's lack of trust, will discover that something’s not right at the Lighthouse, and that danger awaits for them if they do not find out the truth.


From the Producers of the multi-awarded Film “El Hoyo” / Relic meets Shutter Island

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