Les Nuits de Sister Welsh

Drama | Fantasia | 2010 | Francia | 78 min.

Jean-Claude Janer

Elenco: Louise Blachère; Anne Brochet; Laurent Delbecque; Davia Martelli; Lily Bloom


Emma is 16 and her mother is mean. So Emma changes her into a romantic, lovelorn heroine from a 19th Century novel. Emma falls in love with a boy of her same age and she dreams him as a charming prince and the boy has a girlfriend. Emma lives in her thoughts, riddled with fantasies but she has to grow up, and fast. Sister Welsh's Nights is this coming-of-age quest, a transition from a dream to reality so Emma can finally live.


Anne Brochet (Intimate Strangers; A Year in My Life; Cyrano de Bergerac); Laurent Delbecque (On War; Parc); Louise Blachère (Water Lilies; The High Life)

Festivales | Highlights

60th Berlinale : Generation



The most beautiful, funniest and romantic example is perhaps the French film Les Nuits de Sister Welsh (Sister Welsh's Nights ) by Jean-Claude Janer, which brings inner landscapes to the screen with very powerful imagery. We see a sailing ship on rough seas and a nun, who is hopelessly in love with the ship's captain. And this originates from deep inside a girl whose desires take shape within imagined settings. Things are turned around in her head and she is able to find something romantic in reality as well. (FW Berlinale )



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