To Kako Stin Epochi Ton Heroon

Terror | Aventura | 2010 | Greece | 88 min

Yorgos Noussias

Elenco: Billy Zane: Dinos Avgoustidis; Orfeas Avgoustidis; Hristos Biros; Anthony Burk; Yorgos Chraniotis; Skotis Drosos; Meletis Georgiadis; Skotis Drosos; Meletis Georgiadis; Andreas Kontopoulos; Pepi Moschovakou; Ioanna Pappa; Argiris Thanasoulas; Thanos Tokakis; Apostolis Totsikas; Mary Tsoni; Eftyhia Yakoumi


EVIL was defeated , 3 days ago everything has changed. An ancient force transformed people to blood-thirsty zombies.That wasn't the first time as 2800 years ago the situation was similar. Will they do the same today? Will they revive THE TIME OF HEROES?


Billy Zane (The Phantom , Titanic) ; Yorgos Noussias (Evil)

Festivales | Highlights

Sitges iff / PiFan Puchon Film Festival / Fantasia /Singapore iff /Edinburgh Film Festival

Sitges edinburgh film fest


...It's like 28 Days Later, but with better gore effects…This is almost certainly the goriest film you will see this year... Scott Macdonald / Eye For Film (UK). ...Imagine Shaun Of The Dead as directed by Timur Bekmambetov and you're half way there...Nev Pierce / Empire . ...Evil: In the Time of Heroes a solid addition to the zom-com genre... Al Kratina / The Gazette (Canada). a satisfying modern zombie thrill, but also takes us back to how the ancient Greeks dealt with the same scourge …. Evil in the Time of Heroes, based on this criteria, kicks some serious ass. Pam Fossen /Toronto Film Scene

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