After the Sea

Arthouse | Drama | 2005 | ARG | 70 Min | Español

Israel Adrian Caetano

Cast: Victoria Carreras & Facundo Ramirez.


Something unexplainable has happened at the end of the world.Something pushes the people into roads towards nothing.Gusts of wind find two being who have lost all,almost including their names.He is a writer who is irrationally obsessed with his piano.She is a prostitute intent on untying the knots of a secret past.Withouy a remedy to resist one being together with the other, they begin a definitive journey for both.Fragments of a love story,remnants of memory,questions that pile on the sand...Together they face an unlikely salvation after the see.

Festivals | Highlights

Locarno 2007 Play it Forward // Biarritz International Film Festival//20° Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata 2005//1er. Festival de Cine Argentino en México. México D.F. 2005//Hamburg Film Festival. Hamburgo 2005//Festival Internacional de Cine de Río de Janeiro Brasil 2005//Carrefour des Cinemas. Paris, Francia 2005//Victoria Carreras – Premio Mejor Actriz del Festival.

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