Avellaneda's Moon

Drama | Comedy | 2004 | ARG | 140 mins | Spanish

Juan José Campanella

Cast: Ricardo Darín, Eduardo Blanco, Mercedes Morán, Valeria Bertuccelli, José Luis López Vázquez, Daniel Fanego, Silvia Kutika, Atilio Pozzobon


Avellaneda's Moon, a club from a neighborhood that used to be bright, is going through a crisis that puts it's existence into risk. Apparently, the only way out is to transform it into a casino, but that idea if far from the one founders had during the 40's: a cultural social club. Founders' descendants will debate the possibility of saving themselves no matter the price, or to have a conversation with Club's original spirit.


Son of The Bride, The Secret in Their Eyes

Festivals | Highlights

Valladolid - Seminici Festival: best actor (Ricardo Darin) / Goya Awards: best spanish spoken foreign film (nomination) / Montreal IFF: official selection


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