Comedy | Drama | 1996 | Spain | 95 min

Fernando Léon de Aranoa

Cast: Juan Luis Galiardo, Amparo Muñoz, Ágata Lys, Elena Anaya, Chete Lera, Juan Querol, Raquel Rodrigo, Aníbal Carbonero


Santiago wakes up like any other morning. He goes down to the kitchen and his whole family is waiting for him: it’s his birthday. They all sing “Happy Birthday to You” and give him presents. But when he opens the present of his youngest son, he gets angry and says he doesn’t like it. The boy starts crying and saying that he loves him, but Santiago answers that he doesn’t believe him, and he tells the boy that he is fired and that he wants another son, who is thinner, who doesn’t need glasses and who resembles him more…

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WINNER GOYA: Best New Director

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