Perfect Future

Thriller | Drama | 2007 | ARG | 85 min. | Español

Mariano Galperin

Cast: Guillermo Pfening, Pablo Ini, Sebastian Borensztein & Lucrecia Oviedo.


Gaston must leave Daniela, his pregnant wife, in order to travel for the weekend to the glamorous summer-city of Punta del Este (Uruguay) during winter to sell the old family flat in the city’s biggest building. Since the moment he arrives he must face an old new reality finding his mates when a teen today in order to solve part of the shaking past. His friends are not alive , they are phantons , and worse one of them was Daniela's boy-friend before he died. The situation gets more thrilling when Gaston discovers his friends were really dead and he must clarify his marriage with Daniela with one of his old mates.


Mariano Galperin ( 1.000 Boomerangs ; Chicos Ricos; El Delantal de Lili) ; Guillermo Pfening (Nacido y Criado) ; Sebastian Borensztein (Chicos Ricos; El Delantal de Lili; La Suerte Esta Echada) ; Lucrecia Oviedo (El Pasado)

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