Arthouse | Drama | 2008 | ARG | 110 min

Paula Hernandez

Cast: Valeria Bertuccelli & Ernesto Alterio.


Rain has been intense for the last three days in Buenos Aires. Alma and Roberto have not met yet. A few days ago, Alma left the man she lived with for nine years. She has taken to the street with some of her belongings, making her car a temporary home. Roberto has come back to the country after almost thirty years abroad. In the middle of a traffic jam, Alma's car door open unexpectedly. Roberto gets in. Alma, not knowing exactly why, lets him in, unaware of the fact that this sudden encounter will modify the next days.


From the Producers of 'El hijo de la novia / The son of the bride' and 'Luna de Avellaneda' ; Paula Hernandez (Herencia; Familia Lugones); Valeria Bertuccelli (Luna de Avellaneda; La Antena; Extraño; XXY); Ernesto Alterio (El Otro Lado de la Cama; El Método; Vientos de Agua).

Festivals | Highlights

WINNER: Best Picture and the Ecumenical Jury prize at Mannheim-Heidelberg iff 08 // IP in Competition at Montreal WFF 08 // Reykjavik iff 08 // // WINNER: Jury Special Prize and Best Actress at Huelva iff 08 // Göteborg IFF 09.

Montreal Main Award Manheim-Heidelberg Goteborg

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