The Mine

Comedy | Drama | 2004 | ARG | 85 min. color | Español

Victor Laplace

Cast: Victor Laplace, Norman Briski, Haidee Padilla, Eleonora Wexler & Jean Pierre Noer.


Don Sebastian, a man whose generations grew up in a full developing and future coming country, doesn´t accept failure and hangs on to his work as an only choice and with it, hope. The stubborn effort to change the society regardless the price it take to accomplish his goal.


Victor Laplace (El mar de lucas ; Pobre mariposa ; Eva Peron) ; Norman Briski ( La sonambula ; Plaza de almas ) ; Jean-Pierre Noher (Motorcycle Diaries)

Festivals | Highlights

Winner Best Film at Biarritz//Winner Best film at Marseille// Lyon// Lerida// Toullouse// Villaverde,Spain//Moinsartoux//Valdivia.

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