Through Your Eyes

Drama | Romance | 2006 | ARG | 104 min. Color | Spanish

Rodrigo Furth

Cast: Pepe Soriano,Adriana Aizemberg,Toto Lopez & Marcos Dubuch.


In the middle of the Argentine 2001 crisis Lito and Nilda husband and wife, struggle to fly to New York in order to have her medical treatment done.She suffer a shock and has to be put in the hospital. In the name of love Lito takes the adventure to film her the city getting himself into unexpected worlds and adventures.


Rodrigo Furth (Toca para mi) ; Lucia Puezo ( XXY ) ; Pepe Soriano (Lugares comunes ) ; Adriana Aizenberg ( El abrazo partido ; Derecho de familia).

Festivals | Highlights

WINNER Huelva Spain// Montreal World Film Festival // WINNER Best film and Best Actor Llyeda 2007 //



A congenial fish-out-of-water drama that stays just the right side of sentimental even though it strays just the wrong side of plausible, 'Through Your Eyes' engagingly follows the misfortunes of an elderly Argentine gent stranded in Manhattan. With terrific perfs by vets Pepe Soriano and Adriana Aizenberg (who departs the pic too early), this is smoothly made fare with the kind of emotionally generous script that could provoke interest among offshore fans of Latino cinema. By JONATHAN HOLLAND (VARIETY )

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