Comedy | Drama | 2006 | Greece-Italy | 98 min. | Griego

Costas Kapakas

Cast: Maria Gracia Cucinotta, Aris Tsapis, Andreas Kyriakakis, Nikos Vassilikiotis, Yorgos Liatis, Michalis Tsirakis, Dimitris Piatas, Taxiarchis Chanos, Fontini, Baxevani, Dina Michailidou, Tassos Palatzidis & Manolis Mavromatakis.


1969 Greek summer village, five teenagers are eager to discover love and the whole world. Uranya is a very beautiful lady who lives just outside the village in a house by the sea. The kids swear a joint oath: to save enough money so they can visit Uranya and be initiated in the mysteries of love. Greece is living under the tyrannical rule of the military junta and its oppression is felt every where.


Costas Kapakas (Peppermint); Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Il Postino / The Postman; The World Is Not Enough; El Día de la Bestia)

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Shanghai IFF 2007//Thessaloniki IFF 2007

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