Comedy | Drama | 2011 | ARG | 100 min

Marcos Carnevale

Cast: Graciala Borges; Valeria Bertuccelli; Rita Cortese; Martin Bossi


Elena´s only family is her husband and before he dies he asks Elena his last wish : to take care of her lover , Adela . While doing the mourning Adela approaches Elena for assistance with no success at all. After a suicide attempt Adela gets Elena´s attention in order to unveil a hidden secret that will connect them forever ….a pregnancy …


A Buena Vista Release / From the Producers of 9 Queens , Son of the bride and A boyfriend for my wife; Marcos Carnevale (Elsa & Fred / Anita); Graciela Borges (La Cienaga / Las Manos / Dos Hermanos ); Valeria Bertuccelli (Un novio para mi mujer / Lluvia); Rita Cortese (Los Marziano / Inheritance)

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CLARIN : Very Good Film! … it becomes important to have this kind of good performers and intensity. This movie have it with Graciela Borges and Valeria Bertuccelli . The music part of the Franco Simone´s song 'Paisaje' sang by Vicentico it´s touching . In the case of the film story , we speak of a duel-duel at times, sometimes pas de deux ?' with two high-flight artists that have very different acting styles with a conflict that appears to be connect them is not love, but is loneliness.

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