You Shall Not Sleep

Horror | Thriller | 2018 | Spain Uruguay Argentina | 94min

Gustavo Hernandez

Cast: Belen Rueda, Eva De Dominici,Maria Eugenia Tobal, Natalia de Molina, Juan Manuel Guilera, Germán Palacios.


In an abandoned psychiatric hospital, a theater company experiments with insomnia for the preparation of a stageplay. As the days without sleep go by, they cross new thresholds of perception, that expose them to the secrets of the place and the energies that inhabit it. When Bianca, a young actress , joins the cast, competing for the lead role, she must survive, not only the intensity of the work and her cast mates, but the unknown force that's pulling them towards a tragic outcome.


Gustavo Hernandez (The Silent House), Belen Rueda (El Orfanato, Mar Adentro), Eva De Dominici (La Fragilidad de los Cuerpos, Sangre en la Boca), Maria Eugenia Tobal (Yo Soy Sola), Natalia de Molina (Kiki el amor se hace), Germán Palacios (XXY, Temporada de Casa).

Festivals | Highlights

IP Tribeca 2018 Festival de Málaga: Best Cinematography and Editing


"A terrific piece of psychological horror that once again demonstrates that Latin American directors are approaching the genre from a very original and not at all complacent perspective." - Beatriz Martínez: Fotogramas

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